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How data driven algorithms and smart technologies change how we work and live answers futurist and innovation expert Christoph Burkhardt. The business psychologist, author and Californian by choice lives and works in the epicenter of technology-driven progress, San Francisco.

Create. Disrupt. Transform. Repeat.

Innovation happens when technologies meet real needs in relevant use cases to create value for a human being.

Emerging Technologies

Understand the next generation of technologies coming your way.

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Business Transformation

Change the game. New models, new rules. Rethink your existing way of doing business.

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Cultures of Innovation

Open minded, adaptive, agile and fast. From mindset to decision to action.

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Real Value

From good questions to real user needs. Develop cases that make a difference.

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Next generation technologies

To make businesses and their use cases more adaptive so they survive the pressure of shifting markets and global economic volatility requires a shift in the way we organize our companies.

Next generation leadership

Hardly any business or leadership is prepared for a world in which your job will be stripped of anything standardized. People will be thrown into the chaos of innovation without any help.

The more we act like robots and think like robots the more likely it becomes that we will be replaced by them.

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